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Funktion-One Res 9's - legendary box, unrivaled fidelity and output - 2x 15" / 2x 8" / 4x1" - we have both narrow and wide versions for sale - once in a lifetime opportunity - price upon application. 

16chan Midas XL3. This console is in mint condition & full working order. It has been totally re wired, re capped (with Panasonic FC), had all the LED's replaced (even the meter LED's), has had all the Op-Amps replaced, the faders cleaned and re lubricated, all the VCA distortion trims tweaked, output balance (common mode etc) tweaked. Most of the frame metalwork has been re sprayed, as has the wooden end cheeks etc. Basically this is as close as you will ever get to a new console! It is supplied with two Midas XL4 (XL490) power supplies & necessary 'socapex' power cables. The desk is cased, the power supplies are not. Open to sensible offers via email rex@bigbluerig.co.uk (Please consider that secondhand XL4 power supplies go for around £1K each).

Midas XL88 Matrix Mixer - very good conditon, fully serviced and re capped etc - very rare - ask for photos!
£2500 ono

Midas XL200 FOH console (44 mono / 4 stereo) - mint condition & fully working. Has been serviced and re capped (with Panasonic FC) - supplied in Midas case (good condition) and with two Power supplies. Pics on request. 

Midas XL250 Monitor Console (44 mono / 4 stereo) - mint condition & fully working. Has been totally stripped and serviced, including having been totally re capped (with Panasonic FC) - supplied with Midas flight case (also in near mint condition) & two Power supplies (not cased). Pictures on request.

BSS DPR 404 Quad Compressors - good condition & fully working.
BSS FCS 966 Opal EQ - Very good condition
Drawmer DS 201 Gates
Yamaha SPX  900 / 990 / 1000 & 2000 - Please ask!

Turbosound TFM350 Monitor Package - serious serious wedge package inc 12x TFM350 wedges (dual 15" and 2") with three monitor amp rack's  (4 Bi-Amp mixes per rack, giving a total of 12 mixes across the three racks) - the amps are modded and re built crest P7001- controllers are BSS minidrives - this package is mint condition & ready to work - ask for hi res pics!

Turbosound TFM420 Touring Spec Monitor package - Highly regarded wedges - have to be heard to be believed! 12" & 1.4" - Mint condition! Six wedges cased in pairs, sold as one lot. (We also have huge amount of spares!)

Custom 19" rack mounted stereo VCA, mic and line ins & outs - fully working & near mint condition.
£175 ono

Custom 19" Rack mounted phantom power supply - 8 channel, each with XLR in and out, very well made unit & near mint condition. Ask for photos.
£165 ono

Custom 19" 2U rack mounted mains isolation transformers with soft start. 1200VA continuously rated, very high quality screened transformers for lo stray field and noise.  Input taps for 235v/240v/245v input - dual secondaries for either 240v or 120v. Can be set up for floating / grounded or balanced outputs.  Perfect for home studio use etc. Would cost a small fortune to have custom made!
£400ea ono

Midas XL4 Power Supply - fully working, very good condition.

100M Passive Line System, including rack mounted stage box with 48x Female XLR's wired to 8x 39pin Multipins (4x ground lifted for FOH, 4x grounded for Mons) 100m taped multi core with 4x 12 pair multi's and 32A mains & 8x 39 pin breakouts to Male XLR. Near mint condition and fully working. 
Please email


63A 1ph to 3x 32A 1ph - Separate 32A MCB and RCCB per outlet and overall isolator.
£275 ono

63A 1ph to 4x 32A 1ph - overall 63A MCB and seperate 32A 30mA RCBO's per outlet. We have a few of these.
£325 ono

63a 3ph to 3x 63A 1ph and 3x 32A 1ph - overall 63A MCB per phase and separate 32A MCB and 40A RCCB per 32A outlet.
£550 ono

63A 3ph to 6x 32A 1ph and 1x 63A 1ph - overall 63A MCB per phase, separate 32A MCB and 40A RCCB per 32A outlet.

Flight Cased 6U 125A 3ph Distro - 125A 3ph inlet, 'Merlin Gerin' Pm power meter, 2x 63A 3ph outs and 1x 63A 1ph out - all out's with separate 63A single pole MCB's and LED power present indicators. Ask for photos.
£550 ono