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All of our speaker systems are based around Funktion-One Resolution Series.

RCH hold the largest stock of Funktion-One Res 9 cabinets in the UK. These now legendary speakers were designed as a 'one off' by Funktion-One for the central show at the Millennium Dome. They combine light weight, extreme sensitivity & of course the ultimate in sound quality - we know of no other speaker that is as capable as a Res 9!

Our inventory of cabinets includes:

Res 9

We have both Narrow and Wide versions.

Res 4

Res 2




Infrabass 218

3x Res 9 Narrow, 2x Res 9 Wide and 10x F218 (total system 14x Res 9 & 26x F218)

3x Narrow Res 9, 2x Wide Res 9 & 12x F218's (total system 10x Res 9 & 24x F218)