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Beverley Folk Festival

Beverley Folk Festival (FOH Midas XL200 / XL3 etc)

Cornucopia 2016 - One of our favorite Live Music festivals!

Cornucopia 2016 Big Top Build

Dance Music Work - Res 9 & F218's

Room with a big view (& even bigger PA from us!)

Our fully rebuilt Midas XL3 being put to good use!

Res 9's & F218

New Amp Rack Panels - custom manufactured by RCH

Another weekend & another job loading out!

Small Mains Isolation Transformer Packages - custom made by RCH

Cornucopia Festival - Res 9 (wide) and F218 sub array.

Cornucopia Festival - FOH Midas XL3 & Outboard

Res 9's out to graze!

Found Festival - Main Stage - Large Res 9 system

Found Festival - Sub Array

Found 2nd Stage - Res 9 (wide) system.

Masked Ball Cornwall - Grand Ball Room PA (Res 9 (Wide) and F218's) Just one of the many stages with Funktion-One systems supplied by RCH.

Masked Ball - Grand Ball Room (Turbosound TFM350 wedges)

Third Truck Loading out for May Bank Holiday Weekend.

Our Custom 'Baby' Midas XL3

Fast & Furious Car Show (Res 9 (Wide) and F218's)

First Job of the Easter weekend loading out!

Our Custom Res 9 Front Fill boxes.

Redfest 2014 Main Stage
Midas XL3's at FOH

Redfest 2014 Main Stage
Res 9 / Res 5 & F218's

Redfest 2014 Second Stage
Res 9 & F218
Midas XL200
Midas XL3

Res 9 & F218's

Res 4 & F218's

Monitor World - Midas XL250

Res 9 (Wide) & F218's

Just a few F218's!

And some racks......

Res 9 (Wide) & F118 / 218

FOH Desk - XL3 & Outboard

Res 9 & F218 (10x Res 9 (6x Narrow & 4x Wide) & 24x F218)

Res 9 & F218

Amp Racks (for one side of the system above)


Res 4 & F218

One of our XL3's being prepped for a job.

One Marylebone
Res 4 & F218

The Jones Gang Live
Res 4 & F218

Res 9 & F218

Res 9 & F218

FOH Midas XL200

Monitors XL250

High Definition Festival
Res 9 & F218

High Definition Festival
Res 9 & F218

High Definition Festival
FOH 'House Desk' Midas XL200

High Definition Festival

Modified Nationals
FOH / Mon's Desk Midas XL3 & Midas XL88

East London Warehouse Work
Res 9 & F218

East London Warehouse Work
Res 4 & F218

Freshers Ball
Res 4 & F218

Olympic Bandstand Marathon
Res 4 & F118

We've got a thing for heavy grey mixers with that word on!

Res 9's In the Sunshine

The Wedding Show 2011
Res 4 & F118

One of our Res 9's being put to good use!

Our Wide Res 9's forming part of a 'massive' out door announcement PA

One Stack of our New Res 2's (stacked on F118's)

Warwick Uni WSAF 2010

Hed Kandi/ MOS Warm Up (Res 2 & F118's)

Res 4 and F118's

Move It 2010 (One side of the 'main stage' system, Res 9/ Res 4/ F218)

Move it 2010 Freestyle Stage (Res 2)

Crawley Town Center - (One side of the system, Res 4/ F218)

Electro Night (Res 2/ F218)

Rivoli Ballroom (Res 4/ F218)

Res 4/ AX88/ F218

Kalfest 08 Dance Stage (F218, Res 2)

Warwick University - Outdoor Cinema 'Shrek The Movie' (F218, Res 9)

FfMS 08, Folk Festival             (F118 /Res 4)

Derby University -Leathal Bizzle   (F218 /Res4)             

NYE 'Simply Garage' Main Room (F218 & Res9) (Rear Stacks F221 and Res2)

Corporate Work. (6x F218 & 4x Res4)

Derby Uni BOTB  - PA Left

Derby Uni BOTB - Stage monitoring system consisting of 8x Funktion-One M15 and 2x M12 wedge monitors.

Oxford University - Viva Las Vegas Ball (2005) Main room