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We have a large stock of Midas XL Series Analogue Desks - we know of no other range of console that comes close to sounding as these do.
All our desks have been totally stripped, cleaned, re-capped, had all the Op Amps & LED's changed and have been properly set up (e.g. had all the common mode & balance tweaked to get the best possible rejection). Our consoles are possibly some of the best looking, sounding & reliable examples in the UK.

Our stock includes:

Midas XL3 (We have frame sizes from 16ch up to 48ch)
Midas XL200
Midas XL250
Midas XL88 Matrix Mixers

One of our Midas XL3's

Our Midas XL200 (54 Chan)

Our Midas XL250

One of our Midas XL88 Matrix Mixers.


We have large stocks of industry standard Turbosound TFM series wedge monitors, we stock:
TFM 420
TFM 350

TFM 420


FOH Drive for a large zoned Res 9 system.


We stock outboard from the following maunfacturers:

  • BSS
  • Midas
  • Lexicon
  • Yamaha
  • DBX
  • Alesis
  • Eventide
  • Roland
  • Drawmer

Outboard equipment is configured in either our standard sized 6u or 12u rack's, or our 'wardrobes'. All racks come pre-wired with multipin connectors and powercon mains distro.

One of our wardrobes prepped with, desk PSU's, 16ch of BSS Compressors, 8 ch of Drawmer gates, SPX 2000, H3000, SDE3000 and TC 2290.

One of our standard racks of BSS EQ's.

Microphone Stock

We have a large 'industry standard' microphone stock which includes:

  • Shure
  • Senheiser
  • Audio Technica
  • Beyer
  • AKG
  • EV
  • Audix
  • SE Electronics
  • DI Boxes from BSS & Avalon

DJ Equipment

We stock equipment from the following maunfacturers:

  • Technics
  • Pioneer
  • Formula Sound

Line System

RCH Audio Engineering line systems consist of three main, standard components:

  • Passive Stage Box, 36 or 48 Way with splits for FOH, Monitor and Record
  • Sub Stage Boxes (12 lines per box) 
  • Flightcased 50m & 100m multicores with returns core and mains.

Our system allows any sub stage box line to be patched to any multicore line giving maximum flexibility.

One of our 48 way Passive Stage Box Splitters, packaged in our standard sized case.

Backline Power

All our Backline/ Stage/ Control & Monitor Power is fed from mains isolation transformers. We stock 8 KVA and 15KVA, all of which have multiple input 'tap's and are all packaged in our standard 12U sized cases for easy and neat truck pack and use.

Our standard 8KVA 'Iso Disy' which is a combined 63A 1ph mains distro and 8KVA isolation transformer.

Connector side of our 8KVA 'Iso Disy'. The bottom row of 32a outlets are for powering amp racks and are protected with a 30mA RCD and 32a MCB per outlet. The top rows of 16a, 32a & Powercon outlets are isolated, floating outputs (fed internally from the isolation transformer, via MCB's) for powering control, outboard and stage.