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We have a large stock of Midas XL Series Analogue Desks - we know of no other range of console that comes close to sounding as these do.
All our desks have been totally stripped, cleaned, re-capped, had all the Op Amps & LED's changed and have been properly set up (e.g. had all the common mode & balance tweaked to get the best possible rejection). Our consoles are possibly some of the best looking, sounding & reliable examples in the UK.

Our stock includes:

Midas XL3 (We have frame sizes from 16ch up to 48ch)
Midas XL200
Midas XL250
Midas XL88 Matrix Mixers

One of our Midas XL3's

Our Midas XL200 (54 Chan)

Our Midas XL250

One of our Midas XL88 Matrix Mixers.

Backline Power

All our Backline/ Stage/ Control & Monitor Power is fed from mains isolation transformers. We stock 8 KVA and 15KVA, all of which have multiple input 'tap's and are all packaged in our standard 12U sized cases for easy and neat truck pack and use.

Our standard 8KVA 'Iso Disy' which is a combined 63A 1ph mains distro and 8KVA isolation transformer.